About Monica Louie

Monica Louie is a financial coach who helps young families break free from debt and achieve financial freedom. With a bachelor’s degree in finance and her 10+ years of experience in financial services, Monica took control of her family’s financial situation when she left her day job to stay home with her two young children. Since then, she and her husband paid off $120,000 of debt in two years on a single, middle-class income.

A Big Change is Coming to Our Debt Free Family

There is a big change coming to Our Debt Free Family!

Recently, I’ve had a huge revelation and because of this revelation, I have decided to sell Our Debt Free Family.

That means that there will be a new owner and writer on the site.

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How to Win Scholarships with Nicole Crosby, The Scholarship Tutor

Nicole Crosby, The Scholarship Tutor, is here to share her best tips for applying and most importantly, WINNING, scholarships!In this interview, Nicole shares:

How her own experience winning scholarships led to her career as The Scholarship Tutor
What makes a great candidate to win scholarships (It’s not just the straight-A students!)
Where to look for […]

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From Credit Card Debt to Loving Her Money with Sarah Li Cain

A few years ago, Sarah Li Cain found herself jobless, broke, and in $9,000 credit card debt after a breakup with her boyfriend.

Today, Sarah is debt-free, married, and living a happy life with her husband and spirited toddler.

Sarah is a freelance writer and illustrator. She believes in the power of storytelling and wants people […]

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The 5 Categories Missing From Your Budget

Are you struggling to make your budget work but keep coming up short?

If your budget isn’t working, you might think that you’re just not trying hard enough to stick to it. But I don’t think that’s always the case.


How Lauren Greutman, The Recovering Spender, Paid Off $40,000 of Debt

Lauren Greutman and her husband, Mark, hit rock bottom in their finances a few years ago when they found themselves underwater in their mortgage, $42,000 in debt, and running a $1,000 deficit in their budget each month.

Fast forward a few years, and Lauren and Mark are now debt-free and run her popular frugal living site that helps millions of people, LaurenGreutman.com, formerly IamTHATLady.com. […]

How a Side Hustle Helped Melanie Lockert Break Up With Debt

Have you considered adding a side hustle to help you break up with debt?

Well, in today’s video, we’ll learn how Melanie Lockert used a side hustle to break up with debt.


What Happens to My Credit Score When I Pay Off All My Debt?

What happens to my credit score when I pay off all my debt?

This question came up in my Facebook group recently, and I know a lot of people have the same question when getting out of debt.


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3 Ways to Set Yourself Up for Success on Your Debt Free Journey

Do you feel like your debt is holding you back from living life to the fullest?

Are you afraid that if you had an unexpected drop in income or increase in your expenses that it would put you in financial stress?

That’s how we felt when we started our debt free journey three years ago.


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Creating Multiple Income Streams with Affordable Real Estate Investments

Have you thought about what to do with your money after you’ve gotten out of debt?

What should you do with that extra money that’s not going toward debt payments?

Of course, there are numerous options: […]

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It’s My Birthday! Gift for You!

It’s my birthday! And I’ve got a gift for you!

Yes, it’s true. Thirty-five years ago today, I came into this world.


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