I’ve got another debt success interview to share with you today!

Marian Nguyen and her husband, Dave, paid off $120,000 of debt in three years!

Isn’t that amazing?!?!!!

I met Marian through my Facebook group, and I was so impressed when she shared how much debt she and her husband paid off that I knew I wanted to interview her to share her story with you.

In this interview, Marian shares:

  • Why they decided to get out of debt,
  • What they did to pay it off fast, and
  • How they’re teaching their kids smart money habits.

She also shares how they kept themselves motivated to keep going on their journey (even when they wanted to give up) and her advice for you if you’re digging yourself out of debt.


Thanks again to Marian for sharing her story with us!

It’s going to be tough, but push through it. It’s definitely worth it in the end. -- Marian Nguyen Click To Tweet

I love sharing these debt success interviews with you because one of the biggest motivators for my husband and me was hearing a success story of another family who paid off an enormous amount of debt.

So I hope Marian and Dave’s story inspires you to keep moving forward toward your goals.

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Now I’d love to hear about you!

What did you learn from Marian and her debt-free story? What tips can you implement in your financial life? Please share in the comments below.

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Keep moving forward toward your goals. You really can live the life you dream about!

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